The Benefits of Heated Tobacco & Non-Tobacco Alternatives

The Benefits of Heated Tobacco | NEAFS UK

The current trend in the evolution of modern technology is all about solving serious problems and helping with bad habits that endanger billions of people daily. Of course, one of the major problems that the world faces today is smoking and all the health problems that go with it. 

Thankfully, the latest technologies are reshaping the products that we all know and use, with heated tobacco being the latest invention with the power to change the way smokers enjoy tobacco. 

Heated tobacco is meant to change the way smokers relate to their daily fix of nicotine by providing a healthier alternative to regular tobacco use. Because of that, this new product has the potential to become a dominant force in the tobacco industry, leaving traditional products, such as cigarettes, in the dirt. 

The moment vaping entered the stage, millions of smokers took an interest in finding better, more convenient, and healthier alternatives to traditional smoking. Well, it’s safe to say that heated tobacco is the next step in the evolution of smoking.

If you’re one of the smokers or vapers looking for the latest solutions, such as heated tobacco, read on to find out more about the biggest benefits of this innovative tobacco product.

Lower temperatures and no combustion

Also known as heat-not-burn tobacco, heated tobacco doesn’t rely on high temperatures to provide the desired effect. There’s a variety of heated tobacco products for everyone’s taste. Some of these products come with a sealed part of the heating device that applies high temperature to tobacco or tea leaves. 

NEAFS UK sticks, for example, are tobacco-free products that can contain 0 to 1.5% nicotine, depending on your preference. Even though you can still smoke heated tobacco products, they differ significantly from traditional cigarettes. 

The biggest differences include:

  • Heated tobacco products require lower temperatures than regular cigarettes to provide the same effect – compared to cigarettes reaching temperatures up to 900°C, heated tobacco devices don’t go above 350°C to provide the same effect.
  • No combustion – heated tobacco devices heat-processed tobacco or tea leaves, depending on your preference, allowing you to enjoy your daily dose of nicotine. Cigarettes, on the other hand, require combustion to provide you with the nicotine and pleasure you desire; that is, they burn tobacco to release cigarette smoke. 

The problem with combustion is that it’s the main source of dangerous, unhealthy, and lethal chemicals that cause various health conditions, such as lung or throat cancer. Heated tobacco devices don’t burn your tobacco at all. Instead, they slowly heat it, allowing you to breathe in a generated aerosol and partly avoid exposure to harmful chemicals.

Less exposure to harmful chemicals

Since heated tobacco products don’t require combustion to provide the effect, they expose you to fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes. Although heated tobacco isn’t completely risk-free, it helps reduce the exposure to the dangerous chemicals found in conventional cigarettes. 

Smokers are exposed to harmful chemical content every day, and the chemicals they willingly consume include:

  • Toluene
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Styrene
  • Acrolein
  • Isoprene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzine
  • Crotonaldehyde
  • Butadiene

Each of the chemicals listed here is associated with some health conditions, including various cancers, heart diseases, and respiratory problems. Heated tobacco, on the other hand, exposes users to only a few chemicals that are far more harmless than those found in cigarettes. 

If you choose NEAFS heated non-tobacco products, you can rest assured that you’ll consume the highest quality ingredients, such as:

Moreover, heated tobacco reduces your exposure to nicotine as well, allowing you to slowly but surely replace traditional tobacco with a healthier alternative and work your way towards quitting smoking for good. 

In addition, consuming this healthier tobacco alternative can also benefit the people around you. The aerosol you inhale is less harmful than the secondhand emissions from regular tobacco, putting everyone around you at less of a risk.

It’s super-convenient

Heated tobacco products are similar to e-cigarettes and vaping, which means that they offer almost the same level of convenience and user-friendliness. However, there’s a difference between all three of them. With heated tobacco devices, you won’t have to change the e-liquid all the time, like with vaping and e-cigarettes. 

All it takes to get a new dose of an enjoyable aroma is to replace a specially-designed capsule, plug, or stick containing either tobacco or tea leaf, and you’re good to go. This high level of convenience makes these products an excellent alternative to regular cigarettes and allows users to inhale a range of palatable flavors on the go with little to no effort at all.

Heated tobacco is fun

You’ve probably heard many people saying that any change is good. In the case of heated tobacco, it’s true. Such products require a unique electronic heating device that offers a new and exciting user experience with each use. They come with a slick design and a fantastic range of features that help deliver four times the usage of other similar devices. 

If you have a new party with your friends or the next corporate event coming up, it’s time to flash your new device and show everyone around you what it means to enjoy the highest level of consumer satisfaction without combusted tobacco. 

Perhaps that’s why leading heated tobacco brands like NEAFS and IQOS are more appealing to younger generations than regular cigarettes. Another great thing about these smoke-free products is that you can use them where smoking isn’t allowed.

A movement towards less harmful tobacco

As the entire tobacco industry makes a considerable effort to develop a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, the time is right to join a movement towards less harmful tobacco. The e-cigarette was the first step toward providing tobacco users with a healthier alternative. 

Nowadays, millions of smokers are turning to non-medical nicotine alternatives to traditional tobacco products. Heated tobacco products take this effort further by providing users with tobacco products that don’t contain tobacco or nicotine.

NEAFS TEO devices are the best example. You can use them for both tobacco-based and non-tobacco sticks. You can avoid tobacco altogether and use top-grade tea leaves instead for a more refreshing and completely new experience. 

With more people abandoning traditional tobacco products, perhaps it’s time to change your old ways and embrace a healthier, less harmful routine. However, keep in mind that these products are still relatively new, and the regulations for them are still underway. 

Thankfully, governments worldwide are now considering these products when reviewing laws and regulations. The biggest concerns include secondhand smoke exposure, taxation, packaging, and the impact on users’ health and advertising.


The general public has accepted heated tobacco, and more vapers and tobacco users are jumping on the bandwagon. Some are just curious about new products, and others are looking for a permanent solution to quitting smoking. 

Whatever your case may be, heated tobacco could be the answer to all your questions. Since the information on these products is still scarce, we’ve created this short list of benefits to help you get familiar with this concept and understand the advantages and health benefits that heated tobacco can offer you. 

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